Doodling is my favourite type of Art

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The first official posters for all three films

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Anonymous said: Hello, I wanted to ask you if you could draw a triangle with some kind of random pattern on the inside. I really like your doodling and I want a tattoo of a triangle with some patterns. :)

Of course!! What sort of size do you want it to be? I dont want to make a massive one and find out there’s too much in it :)

Also thanks for saying you really like the doodles I do! If you do end up getting my design tattooed please send me photos :)

Dreamt about this character last night. This was the dream:
Man with half of his face replaced with a stone child’s face, had staff to walk with, he caused a village of people to turn to hollow stone accidentally when trying to destroy invaders to his village.
His full story was that he took on powers he couldn’t control to save his wife, and the children of his village from war, but accidentally turns everyone to hollowed out stone to stop them being killed by giants, including his own family. His wife is crushed she is knocked over during conflict. He had a child of his he loved and he carved off some of her face using his finger (which has a diamond blade on the end) to carve her eye and cheek, then wanders alone., cutting out a section of his face and implanted it to remind him what he did out of guilt.

It tears him apart until he finds out he can still hear the little girl. He discovers he can hear her voice when the mask is in his skin, and she guides him to control his powers and help others, but her presence is killing him over time. He has to choose between keeping control of his powers and helping people, and keeping contact with his daughter.
So yeah, I have normal dreams

Took a good hour and a half to draw this because I was being extra careful, measuring out lines to make sure the numbers were in the correct place, using a compass for the circles.

I’m drawing it for my grandparents as a moving in present as my Grandad always talks about watches and the past. Not finished yet but hopefully another couple of hours and it will be :)

'The Brain' - 25/05/14

Took quite a bit of concentration considering my brains not quite with it, hence why I drew a brain.
'Elven Lady'
I’ve been researching so much faerie related stuff that I couldn’t not draw something with wings :D
'Life and Death' - 16/05/14
Today’s doodle, took a couple of hours but I’m happy with the result :)
08/03/14 - “Locked”
Took a couple of days to do, but I’m happy with the result :)

you-reinmyveins said: Your work is absolutely flawless

Aww thank you!! It’s really not, I can see mistakes I’ve made and things I’d like to change, but I’m glad you like it! :)

Another quote doodle, haven’t done one for a while, liked the quote though :)
Doodling again today :)
19/02/14 - ‘Myself’
Took a long time to do but decided to draw a new profile picture for myself, so took a photo of my face from the side, used it as a guide, and did some drawing  Found it really hard to draw myself because you want to be flattering and adjust your features, but at the same time can’t because you want the picture to be recognisable. Sure this version doesn’t have blemishes and has really thick mascara, but I think this is the most accurate drawing of myself I’ve let myself do :)
19/02/14 - ‘Fake Skin’
16/02/14 - ‘The Italian mask’
17/02/14 - ‘Open your eyes now’